A dead body can’t simply get up and walk away, can it?

No. Of course not! That would be ridiculous!!!

Murder at the Butcher’s is a two-act farce, a murder-mystery spoof that will have its premiere production in November, 2019. Benny Benjamin, Brooklyn butcher, and his wife Miriam arrive at their shop one morning to find a dead body in the walk-in fridge. And it’s not just any dead body. It’s Steven Feinman, the philandering bagel-maker, whose affair with the hussy, Jennifer St. John, has scandalized the neighborhood and ruined his engagement to sweet Michelle Kleinman. What to do? Benny and Miriam can’t afford the scandal, so they decide to return at night and get rid of the body. But when they come back, it’s gone! Mayhem ensues, as Detective Dick Dickerson is put on the case, and Benny and Miriam launch a cover up to conceal the truth, even though they don’t know what the truth is. Before long, there’s blood on the floor. But, don’t worry, it’s a butcher shop!